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Florida Trail Blazers welcomes new board members Tracy McCommon and Jim Lawrence!  Tracy and Jim replace retiring board members Clara Capps and Beth Emmons, who have decided to retire from their leadership roles with Florida Trail Blazers after nearly 30 years combined service.  These members have filled vital roles in the continued success of the club.  Clara was the Florida Trail Blazers President for 12 years, Vice-President for 1 year and Board Member for 4 years.   Beth served as treasurer and Board Member for over 10 years.

During their leadership, there were many club accomplishments. Some of the many projects completed during their tenure were the addition of  water lines at Princess Place Preserve in the equine camping area.  The paddocks at Fechtel were rebuilt.  Water troughs were donated to Tidewater trailheads, picnic tables were donated to Fechtel and Cross Creek Horse Rescue.  Gates and 16 foot boards were donated to the Agricultural Museum, along with financial support.  Shangrila’s muck buckets and carts were donated by the club.  Boards and club labor was donated to build paddocks at Rima Ridge Trailhead. Clara and Beth appreciate all the support given to them in accomplishing the club’s goals to preserve and protect equestrian trails in Central Florida.  Though Clara and Beth are retiring from their leadership roles, they are not retiring from riding.  They will continue to enjoy riding with the group.  Thanks to both these members for their dedication to the club; see you on the trail soon!

Since we had two vacancies on the board , volunteers to fill these slots were solicited from club members earlier this year.    Tracy McCommon and Jim Lawrence have stepped in to fill Clara’s and Beth’s board member roles.  Welcome  and thanks to you both!

Last year, Chris Gropp, a Board Member,  volunteered to take over the Treasurer position from Beth Emmons.    Thanks to Chris for her role in managing the club’s finances. She has done a great job!   Alex Auton continues in his role as President, Roly Coto as Vice President, and Ellen Bolton Secretary.

Tracy McCommon has been married to her husband Dennis for over 20 years and they have two young sons Corey and Benjamin. Together they own 4 horses and Tracy is in the process of training their latest 2 horses, which they acquired in May 2016. Tracy is also on the board of directors for the Orange County 4-H Horse Club in which her 2 sons are active members. Her son Corey is a competitive rider in 4-H Horse Shows and has won many ribbons. Benjamin will be riding in 4-H shows for the first time this year. Tracy also competes in the OPEN 4-H Shows and in other small local shows with her boys.

The McCommon Family

The McCommon Family

If you would like to become a member of the board or an officer, please let any one of the board members know……your participation in leadership would be welcome!

The Board Members met recently and put together the ride schedule for the upcoming season.  We hope you enjoy the choices….have a safe and happy season!

Alex Auton
Rolando Coto
(386) 852-5155
Ellen Bolton
(407) 765-2505
Chris Gropp
e-mail cgropp62@yahoo.com(407)376-9013 cell
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675 Old Geneva Rd. Geneva, FL 32732
  • Valerie Tanner
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  • 314-960-9031
  • mocowgirl@aol.com
  • Tracy McCommon
  • 407-579-7989′
  • positivetracy@bellsouth.net

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Ellen Bolton
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